Norwegian king crab

Norway King Crab

Norway King Crab supplies live King Crabs to restaurants and fine-food operators in the whole world. Our product tracking system is unique in the world.

King Crabs are tasty monsters in Norway –

King Crabs Norway | Tasty Monsters | Visit Northern Norway

“Red king crab” is a fitting name for the species—and not just because of its red hue and great size – it can grow to 8 kilos in weight, with a shell of more …

King crabs are a new immigrant from the Pacific, liking it in Northern Norway. Ugly, but extremely tasty, they are great fun to fish.

Red king crab – Seafood from Norway

Red king crab – a tasty and exclusive foreigner | Norwegian Seafood | Seafood from Norway

Arguably the most lucrative catch of the Barents Sea, the red king crab is not native to the region. How did an immigrant become such a sought-after commodity?

Crab-22: how Norway’s fisheries got rich – The Guardian

Crab-22: how Norway’s fisheries got rich – but on an invasive species | Marine life | The Guardian

Known locally as ‘Stalin’s Red Army’, an invasion of king crabs from Russia created a lucrative industry, and difficult choices

King Crab | Norwegian Travel

King Crab | Norwegian Travel

Arctic King Crab safaris are more popular than ever and people travel the world to come to Norway and help pull this beast out of the Barents Sea.

BVS Norwegian King Crab – Buena Vista Seafood

BVS Norwegian King Crab — Buena Vista Seafood

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Bergen King Crab

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